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“the entry point for new naturists”

We lost our venue at Linwood School in the summer Linwood School have ended our hiring of their pool - the school have decided to shut down all their facilities after 6pm and at weekends. I took the opportunity to thank Julie for 5 years of trouble-free use of the pool (and dropped in that we must have paid over £3000 in that time towards their funds)

I also asked her to thank Gary the caretaker for his help and kindness - one supposes that the school will save on his overtime!

We have been homeless before
Naked Swim started out nearly nine years ago at LA Fitness, then some big cheese at Head Office decided that we were uneconomic. We had a winter in Dorchester before that pool closed, and then Robin, the local vicar, suggested Linwood.

Chrissie and I are looking for a new venue. It won't be easy to find another mid-week venue but perhaps one of the other local hydro-therapy pools might be available.

Please be our eyes and ears and see if you can 'do a Robin'. All suggestions welcome.

Best Regards


Or phone/text David Ross on

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I don’t respond to withheld numbers and my phone does not record messages so if I don’t answer, please send a text. I will always get back to you.